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     Diamond Custom Rods are engineered to provide anglers with optimal performance for technique specific applications. With over 3+ years of development DCR proudly offers a rod line up designed to suite any avid anglers needs while providing professionals an elite and dependable advantage on tournament day! Not only do we offer technique specific rods but one of a kind full customs that put DCR on the map! Our mission at is to provide top of the line products with outstanding customer service to back it up!

    DCR utilizes components that are sourced domestically, foreign, and hand made, to provide the latest technology available to ensure state of the art products. Products are assembled  in the USA at our facility here in Northern MN.


"David Larson" - A huge thank you to Joe for building me the most beautiful rod ever. I can't say enough about his talent and professionalism kept me updated with pictures and info. The rod is actually too nice to use but I can't resist. Heading to lake Winnipeg in two weeks maybe just one Winnipeg greenback then I'll put it away. Thanks again Joe!