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Owned and operated by Joe Doty,  D.C.R. was established in 2015.

   Born and raised in Grand Rapids M.N., I truely enjoy the outdoors and have been fishing since I was able to hold a fishing rod. Threw my years of experiance I have found out first hand how frusterating it is to use a fishing rod that is less than satisfactory. I have always been an entrepreneur and looking for my own way to open a successful business. 

    Today I am a father of three beautiful children. My son Connor, and twin girls Autumn & Willow. Life as you could imagine has been very busy for me but i never gave up on starting my own legacy to leave behind for my children.

   I was carving on my diamond willow cane one day while out fishing when I got the idea of making the handle of my rod out of diamond willow. I had always enjoyed working with willow and have made quite a few canes so I decided to look into it. After some time and detailed research I soon realized that I was not the only one to come up with this idea. But I was not very impressed with anything that I had seen and I couldn't help but think the whole time that I could do it better. MUCH better! After some time and a lot more research I finally decided to dive into building a rod. I was hooked after my first build and I will never regret going into this business.

   With my artistic and creative background I decided to proceed into starting Diamond Custom Rods. I have been drawing and working with my hands since I can remember. Being creative has always been rooted deep. This is what sets me apart from all of the rest. My attention to detail paired with my creative mind are the perfect combination to build rods that are not only high quality, but also works of art that will stun people for years to come. I want to provide people with a rod that they will be proud to hold in there hand and will also be something they can pass down to future generations of their family. To me that alone is priceless. It fills me with joy knowing I can provide such a beautiful product paired with the highest quality rod blanks, and accessories, that will meet professional standards.

   I pride myself with meeting every detail of my customers demands. You as the customer are the designer and I am the artist. I welcome all types of fisherman/women. Whether you fish once a year, or daily, you can find what you are looking for with D.C.R. I do my best to make ordering your custom rod as easy and painless as possible.

   I specialize in making one of a kind Diamond Willow wood handles which are hand picked by me right here in northern Minnesota. No two pieces are alike and each piece has its own unique characteristics. The willow used is hand selected by me to fit your desired handle features. From the high quality MHX rod blanks, custom accessories, and quality craftsmanship, you get the look of high class with the functionality to meet professional standards.  I take pride in meeting my customers demands and my ability to fulfill the vision you have for your custom rod/rods. You as the customer have the option of choosing every detail of your design which include rod color, thread/wrapping color, reel seat style, guide style, etc... I encourage people to bring there unique ideas to me and I enjoy having new challenges.

   For those of you who have a different style of rod in mind, Just tell me what your vision is, and it will be done. Make a statement when you go on your next fishing trip, and take pride in knowing you have a rod to pass down threw the generations! I look forward to building the Diamond Custom Rod of your dreams!

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