"WINN GRIP" This one of a kind WINN Grip handle is designed to transfer the lightest bite directly into your hand. The EVA foam core and sure grip wrap on this handle provides ultimate comfort and warmth perfect for hole hopping in the elements. Diamond Custom Ice Rods are equipped with super light weight, durable, and braid resistant premium stainless steel ring (SSR) ice guides and hook keeper. These SSR guides create a lighter overall guide train with thinner rings that produce a larger opening. Easily pass leader knots and swivels without damaging fishing line, braid, or the SSR ring itself. Ice build up is very easily removed as well. The sensitivity and balance of these rods exceed all expectations and are suitable for anglers of all skill levels, including the professionals who expect only the best performance possible!Available in 28, 32, & 36 inch lengths."Reels Sold Separately..." ROD SIZE AND FEATURES 1-4 lb. | Ultra Light Power | Mod. Fast Action | Solid CarbonSPECIES: Perch, Panfish, Light Trout.DESCRIPTION: The ultra light tip matched with its supple backbone will keep the hookset burried on those tank slabs allowing for maximum tip deflection. This rod is great for working small to medium finesse baits and is amazingly sensitivite for those who love to feel every little nibble! 1-6 lb. | Light Power | Fast Action | Solid CarbonSPECIES: Perch, Panfish, Light Walleye.DESCRIPTION: This light power fast action rod boasts an ultra light tip that transitions into its perfected backbone. Build your confidence with a stealty bite detection that is great for working small to medium size baits. This rod is a must have in the rod box! 2-8 lb. | Med. Light Power | Fast Action | Solid CarbonSPECIES: Heavy Panfish, Walleye, Bass, Light Pike.DESCRIPTION: This rod features a smooth tip that transitions into a sturdy backbone and produces a hookset that delivers everytime! The action is ideal for working those medium to large walleye baits and spoons needed to put the trophies topside! 1-8 lb. | Med. Light Power "Noose" | Mod. Fast Action | Super Light Parobolic Strike Indicator Tip | Solid GlassSPECIES: Perch, Panfish, Light Walleye.DESCRIPTION: Fool proof bite detection! We have all had days when the dead stick is the only thing that seems to work. With this rod you can expect increased hook percentages while jigging and while dead sticking with a lift & hook style rod holder. This spring bobber like parobolic tip enables the angler to visually detect even the slightest up bites of finicky panfish/walleye and transitions into a solid backbone needed to haul in the lunkers. Ideal for jigging or dead sticking, the super soft tip allows the fish to take your bait without detecting any resistance. Simply watch your tip, set the hook, and let the backbone do the rest! 4-12 lb. | Med. Heavy Power | Fast Action | Solid CarbonSPECIES: Heavy Walleye, Bass, Pike, Lake Trout.DESCRIPTION: This rod features a smooth tip that transitions into a sturdy backbone producing a heavy hitting hookset that delivers everytime! The action is ideal for working large to heavy walleye & pike baits needed for targetting and putting the fish of a lifetime topside! Non-Production Orders: For all full custom personalized Non-Production orders, or for any queastions, call Joe @ 218-244-4108, or message me on the DCR Facebook Page. Thank you!


  • Rod will be shipped or materials will be ordered within 48 hrs after payment is received. Lead time on "build to order" rods is normally 3-4 weeks, and up to 4+ weeks during high order volumes. All rods are shipped if in stock, but are otherwise built by order. You have 24hrs from the time of purchace to cancel your order. After 24hrs your payment is final and there are no returns ensuring you are 100% committed to the purchase of your new custom rod. You can request real time updates at any time via the communication that works best for you. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    Care & Storage: When your rod is not in use it is HIGHLY recommended to store out of the direct sunlight in a sturdy rod case with zero tension on the rod tip from your fishing line. Secure padding is also recommended for maximum protection and longevity. This is especial important for the solid glass "Noose" model Ice Rods. Failure to meet these recomendations may void rod warranty!